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Menthol Cig Ban Didn't Spur Black Market Sales: Study - 2018-10-17
"A ban on menthol cigarettes in one Canadian province did not trigger a rise in the sales of illegal cigarettes that was predicted by the tobacco industry, a new study shows." More

Take 10 for Mindfulness - 2018-10-17
"Feel yourself being pulled in a million directions and losing track of what's really important? The meditative practice called mindfulness can help you get centered and re-focus on what's meaningful to you." More

Number of Autism Genes Now Tops 100 - 2018-10-17
"The number of genes known to be associated with autism now stands at 102, researchers report." More

Xanax, Valium Tied to Higher Suicide Risk in COPD Patients With PTSD - 2018-10-16
"People suffering from two common conditions -- post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the breathing disorder known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) -- may be increasing their risk for suicide if they take benzodiazepine drugs, a new study suggests." More

New Nerve Stimulation Technique Might Relieve Back Pain - 2018-10-16
"Stimulating a specific set of nerves that are nestled along the spine may deliver relief to those who suffer from chronic back pain and cut the need for opioid painkillers, new research suggests." More

Facebook Posts May Hint at Depression - 2018-10-15
"People may rely on social media such as Facebook to showcase the highlights of their lives, like vacations. But new research suggests the language they use in posts might also help predict depression." More

Hip-Hop Loaded With Pot, Cigarette References - 2018-10-15
"Hip-hop music videos are rife with use of marijuana, e-cigarettes and traditional smokes, perhaps enticing young viewers to light up, researchers say." More

Despite Opioid Crisis, Most Patients Want the Drugs for Post-Op Pain - 2018-10-15
"Despite a flood of news reports on the opioid crisis, many people still want the potentially addictive painkillers after surgery, a new survey suggests." More

White House Wants Prices in Drug Ads, But Big Pharma Fights Back - 2018-10-15
"In an attempt to head off federal regulation, America's pharmaceutical manufacturers announced Monday that they would take voluntary action to make drug prices more transparent." More

Many Supplements Contain Unapproved, Dangerous Ingredients: Study - 2018-10-12
"U.S. health officials have issued more than 700 warnings during the last decade about the sale of dietary supplements that contain unapproved and potentially dangerous drug ingredients, new research reveals." More

Do Dimmer Days in Pregnancy Raise Postpartum Depression Risk? - 2018-10-12
"Women whose final stages of pregnancy occur during the short, dark days of winter may be at increased risk for postpartum depression, a new study suggests." More

Health Tip: Protecting Yourself From Sexual Assault - 2018-10-11
"No one can prevent all instances of sexual assault. But the U.S. Office on Women's Health says there are things you can do to stay safer." More

Here's Something to Sleep On - 2018-10-11
"In what's billed as the world's largest sleep study, too little or too much sleep can impair your brain, researchers report." More

E-Cigs Continue to Spark Debate Over Health Risks/Benefits - 2018-10-10
"With sales of electronic cigarettes skyrocketing, Americans remain divided on whether the devices are a boon or a threat to public health." More

Clinical Trials Need More Volunteers - 2018-10-06
"Although clinical trials are the only way to test the mettle of new drugs and medical devices, just 1 percent of Americans participate in such trials, research experts say." More

613 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)