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Anxiety Might Speed Alzheimer's: Study - 2020-11-24
"Older adults with memory problems may progress to Alzheimer's more quickly if they are also suffering from anxiety symptoms, a preliminary study suggests." More

AHA News: Why People Fear Performing CPR on Women – and What to Do About It - 2020-11-23
"Women are less likely than men to receive CPR from a bystander. But why? The reluctance, new research suggests, may be fueled by worries of being accused of sexual assault or doing physical harm. Knowing people's secret fears is the first step to dispelling them, experts say." More

Poll: 1 in 3 Parents Pick Holiday Gathering Over COVID Safety - 2020-11-23
"In a new nationwide poll of 1,443 parents, about one in three said the benefits of gathering with families for the holidays outweighed the risk of spreading the virus." More

College Kid Coming Home for Thanksgiving? Here's How to Keep Your Family Safe - 2020-11-23
"As college students prepare to leave their campuses for Thanksgiving or study remotely for the rest of the semester, families should consider their risks and work to reduce them, according to an infectious disease expert." More

Coping With Lockdown Loneliness During the Holidays - 2020-11-22
"Pandemic lockdowns will increase Americans' risk of loneliness and depression this holiday season, an expert warns." More

AHA News: People With Depression Fare Worse in Heart Health Study - 2020-11-20
"Heart disease and depression are interwoven, and a new study is helping unravel that connection by linking depression with poorer scores on seven important measures of heart health." More

More Childbearing Women Having Suicidal Thoughts: Study - 2020-11-20
"The number of women who contemplate suicide or self-harm during or after pregnancy may be on the rise, a large, new study suggests." More

Disasters Leave a Rise in Suicides in Their Wake: Study - 2020-11-20
"Researchers found that the severe emotional distress and anxiety for those who have lived through major disasters can also lead to suicide." More

Losing Your Hair Because of Pandemic Stress? - 2020-11-20
"Add stress-related hair loss to the many problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic." More

Election Outcome Hasn't Lowered Americans' Stress Levels: Poll - 2020-11-19
"The U.S. presidential election may be over, but many Americans remain stressed about it, as well as a number of other worries, a new poll finds." More

Buying Gun During Pandemic Might Raise Suicide Risk - 2020-11-17
"Those who buy guns as the pandemic rages are more likely to be suicidal than those who already own firearms, a new study finds." More

Prescription-Strength Fish Oil Won't Help Your Heart -- Or Will It? - 2020-11-16
""Many people continue to take fish oil supplements to prevent heart disease. However, the fish oil medication we tested in the [new] trial was not effective for that purpose," co-researcher Dr. A. Michael Lincoff said in a news release from the American Heart Association." More

Fish Oil, Vitamin D Supplements Won't Prevent A-Fib: Study - 2020-11-13
"Millions of people take a fish oil or vitamin D supplement in hopes of warding off a host of ills. But a new study finds the nutrients won't shield against the common and potential heart rhythm disorder known as atrial fibrillation." More

Pre-Op 'Brain Games' Might Prevent Post-Op Delirium - 2020-11-13
"Just as you can prepare your body for surgery, you can do the same for your brain by keeping it active and challenged through something called "neurobics," according to Ohio State University researchers." More

Birth Control Pill Won't Raise Depression Risk - 2020-11-12
"Women who struggle with mental health problems will sometimes forgo the most effective forms of birth control because of concerns about worsening those issues, but a new study delivers a reassuring finding: The pill and other forms of hormonal birth control do not raise depression risk." More

460 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)