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Parents Unaware of Young Kids' Smartphone Use: Study - 2020-06-01
"Preschoolers may spend more time on smartphones or tablets than their parents realize, and some use apps intended for teens and adults, researchers report." More

As Postponed Surgeries Resume, Can U.S. Hospitals Handle the Strain? - 2020-06-01
"Two new reports from Johns Hopkins University researchers suggest that hospitals will be stretched to the limit by the oncoming surge of rescheduled surgeries." More

Most Americans Still More Worried About COVID-19 Spread Than the Economy - 2020-06-01
"As the number of U.S. coronavirus cases neared 1.8 million on Monday, a new poll shows that a majority of Americans still think it's more important to control the virus' spread than to restart the economy." More

High-Potency Pot Tied to Big Rise in Psychiatric Issues - 2020-05-29
"Marijuana has long been linked to a host of mental health risks, but the potent strains sold today may amplify those dangers, new research suggests." More

Big Need for Blood Donations as Postponed Surgeries Resume - 2020-05-29
"As U.S. hospitals resume procedures put on hold by the coronavirus outbreak, there's an urgent need for blood and platelet donations, the American Red Cross says." More

Emergency Transport Can Surprise Many With Big Bills - 2020-05-28
"Money is the last thing on anyone's mind during a medical emergency, but new research shows many patients could be hit with huge bills for that ambulance drive or helicopter flight to the hospital." More

AHA News: How Bacteria in Your Gut Interact With the Mind and Body - 2020-05-28
"Evidence is mounting that the microbes in our intestines interact with our minds and hearts in significant ways. " More

Music Might Help Soothe Ailing Hearts - 2020-05-28
"Music influences people's heart rates, and one piece of music will affect individuals' hearts differently, a new, small study shows." More

More Patients Turning to Medical Marijuana for Arthritis Pain - 2020-05-28
"Lots of people are using medical marijuana to treat their arthritis and other muscle aches and pains, often without consulting their doctor, a new study reports." More

Pandemic Can Overwhelm Those With Autism - 2020-05-28
"The coronavirus pandemic can be especially difficult for children and adults with autism and their families, experts say." More

Could an Injected Electrode Control Your Pain Without Drugs? - 2020-05-28
"An injectable electrode could prove a better way to ease chronic nerve pain than opioid painkillers or bulky and expensive implants, animal research suggests." More

Uncles, Aunts May Influence a Child's Odds for Autism - 2020-05-27
"A child with an uncle or aunt with autism appears to have a more than doubled risk of being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder themselves, a new U.S. government-funded study reports." More

A New Hip or Knee Can Do a Marriage Good, Study Finds - 2020-05-27
"After people have a hip or knee replacement surgery, doctors expect these patients will get relief from joint pain, get around easier and once again enjoy the activities they love." More

Only Half of Americans Say They'd Get a Coronavirus Vaccine: Survey - 2020-05-27
"Even if a vaccine against the new coronavirus is developed, only half of Americans say they'd get it, a new survey finds." More

Mindfulness May Ease the Emotional Burden of MS - 2020-05-27
"Mindfulness training may help counter the thinking and emotional difficulties caused by multiple sclerosis." More

512 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)