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Roll Up Your Sleeve and Donate Blood for Cancer Patients - 2020-02-18
"Many people don't realize that cancer patients are in constant need of blood supplies." More

Shotguns Often Play Tragic Role in Rural Teens' Suicides: Study - 2020-02-18
"Could stricter safety rules for rifles and shotguns help prevent suicide?" More

Price Hikes Have Patients Turning to Craigslist for Insulin, Asthma Inhalers - 2020-02-18
"Maybe you've gone to Craigslist to find a used car or a secondhand couch, but imagine having to turn to the internet to pay for lifesaving drugs." More

Babies' Exposure to Household Cleaning Products Tied to Later Asthma Risk - 2020-02-18
"A key to your baby's asthma risk may be as close as your laundry room." More

Kids Raised by Grandparents More Likely to Pile on Pounds: Study - 2020-02-17
"Grandparents can be a bad influence on kids' weight, researchers say." More

Traumatic Brain Injuries Raise Risk of Psychiatric Ills in Soldiers - 2020-02-14
"U.S. soldiers who suffer a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) are more likely to suffer other mental health woes than those with other serious injuries, a new study finds." More

5 Secrets to an Allergy-Free Valentine's Day - 2020-02-14
"Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to shower your loved one with gifts, but some may do more harm than good." More

Restful Romance: Smelling Your Lover's Shirt Can Help You Sleep - 2020-02-14
"Bedtime without your partner on Valentine's Day could make sleep elusive. But a new study suggests one remedy: Cuddling up with a piece of his or her clothing." More

'Tough Guys' May Be at Especially High Risk for Suicide - 2020-02-13
"Young men who believe that "real men don't cry" may be more prone to suicide, a new study suggests." More

AHA News: Stroke Survivors Might Need Better Screening for Depression - 2020-02-12
"Depression among stroke survivors peaks during the early months of recovery and persists for a full year, a new study finds. Experts say better screening methods are needed for this population to more effectively prevent and treat depression." More

Growing Up in U.S. 'Stroke Belt' Bad for the Brain Later in Life - 2020-02-12
"Americans who grew up in the swath of the South known as the Stroke Belt are more likely to develop thinking declines later in life, even if they moved away as adults, a new study suggests." More

Consumers Waste Twice as Much Food as Experts Thought - 2020-02-12
"Much more food is wasted worldwide than commonly thought, a new study shows." More

8 Ways to Make Every Day a Valentine For Your Kids - 2020-02-11
"As Valentine's Day approaches, parents are reminded to shower their children with love and attention throughout the year." More

Stricter Clean Air Laws Could Save Thousands of Lives a Year: Study - 2020-02-11
"Daily exposure to ground level ozone increases city residents' risk of early death, researchers warn." More

General Anesthesia Boosts Postpartum Depression Risk After C-Section: Study - 2020-02-10
"Women who receive general anesthesia during a cesarean section delivery are at higher risk of severe postpartum depression that requires hospitalization, as well as self-inflicted harm and suicidal thoughts, a new study finds." More

532 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)