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AHA News: Health Emergency? Don't Hesitate to Get Help - 2020-03-30
"With hospitals across America focused on people who have developed COVID-19, some people with unrelated but still urgent health problems are feeling awkward about reporting to emergency rooms. They shouldn't, doctors say." More

Recovery From Mild Brain Trauma Takes Longer Than Expected: Study - 2020-03-29
"Less than half of patients with a sports-related mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) recover within two weeks, new research shows." More

Too Little Sleep Takes Toll on Kids' Mental Health: Study - 2020-03-27
"Kids who don't get enough sleep may be at risk for ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems, researchers report." More

Legal Pot Products Too Potent for Chronic Pain - 2020-03-27
"Most legal medical marijuana -- more than 90% -- is stronger than what doctors recommend for chronic pain relief, a new study finds." More

PTSD Can Take Heavy Toll on Hearts of Female Vets - 2020-03-26
"PTSD can cause severe psychic distress, but it may also raise heart risks for female veterans in particular, a new study suggests." More

An Expert's Guide to Fact-Checking Coronavirus Info Online - 2020-03-26
"With bogus information about the new coronavirus spreading fast online, how can you separate fact from fiction?" More

American Teens Struggling With Mental Health Issues - 2020-03-25
"Rates of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are all on the rise among U.S. teens, a new study finds." More

Climate Change's Hotter Days Will Take Toll on Mental Health - 2020-03-25
"As the days heat up, people tend to report more emotional distress, a new study finds, adding to concerns that global warming could take a growing mental health toll." More

How to Weather Social Isolation During Coronavirus Pandemic - 2020-03-25
"Social distancing has become the new normal, with one-third of Americans now under stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, but experts say that level of isolation can be hard on your health." More

Can You Buy Happiness? Yes, Study Suggests, If You Spend on Experiences - 2020-03-21
"Consumers are happier when they spend money on experiences, instead of more stuff, a pair of new studies finds." More

Racial, Ethnic Gaps in Insurance Put Moms, Babies at Risk: Study - 2020-03-20
"Though they are at a higher risk of childbirth complications and pregnancy-related death, women who are black, Hispanic or indigenous are less likely than white women to be insured, new research shows." More

Celebrity Suicides Spawn 'Copycat' Tragedies, Study Shows - 2020-03-19
"When the media report on a celebrity's suicide, especially in a sensationalist way, it may fuel "copycat" tragedies, a new review finds." More

AHA News: 'Be Happy' Isn't So Simple, Especially Amid Coronavirus Worries – But It's Seriously Good for Health - 2020-03-19
"As nonstop news about the global pandemic of coronavirus spreads worry, there's a chance to grab a respite. By United Nations proclamation, Friday is International Day of Happiness, with events around the world aimed at spreading good cheer." More

The Doctor Gap: In Areas of Greatest Need, Primary Care Is a Team Effort
- 2020-03-19
"Nationally, primary care physicians earn $237,000 on average, according to Medscape's 2019 Physician Compensation Report. By contrast, family medicine physicians employed by federally qualified health centers make about 25% less, based on average salaries reported to the job search engine Indeed." More

The Doctor Gap: Where Are All the Mental Health Care Providers? - 2020-03-18
"Even in the midst of rising rates of suicide and substance abuse, nearly 117 million Americans live in what is known as "health professional shortage areas."" More

522 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)