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A New Treatment for Ovarian Cancer
Lee Memorial Health System
Ovarian cancer is a rare but devastating diagnosis. One, surgeons say, they are finding new ways to treat. And while the technology isnít new, how itís being used, is.

Brain Cancer or Cancer in the Brain?
Lee Memorial Health System
Late stage cancers very often involve the brain; not to be confused with brain cancer, which originated there. Metastatic tumors spread to the brain from somewhere else.

Recognizing Uterine Cancer
Lee Memorial Health System
Itís one of the most common gynecologic cancers doctors see. Each year, nearly 42,000 new cases are diagnosed. Uterine cancer develops from the inner portion of the uterine lining.

Detecting and Treating Endometrial Cancer
Lee Memorial Health System
Itís the fourth most common cancer for women in the U.S., but doctors say 80 percent of the time endometrial cancer is caught in stage one.

Screening for Colon Cancer
Lee Memorial Health System
Itís the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. Colon cancer is common in men and women. While symptoms are rare, doctors say there are ways to find and treat the cancer early.