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Pain Management
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Research on Opioid Use
Mayo Clinic
Dr. Molly Jeffery and Dr. W. Michael Hooten share new Mayo Clinic research on trends in opioid use. Dr. Jeffery is the scientific director of Emergency Medicine Research at Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Hooten is a Mayo Clinic anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist.

Treating Pain without Opiates
Lee Memorial Health System
Itís being called an epidemic and itís killing more Americans each year than car crashes. Dr. Usman Mian, an emergency physician with Lee Health, is working towards finding a solution to prescription drug abuse. ďOver the last decade weíve lost about half a million people in this country to prescription drugs so itís becoming a large problem. According to the CDC, about 80 people die every day as a result of prescription drugs.Ē

Home Remedies: Integrative approaches to treating pain
Mayo Clinic
Dr. Tina Ardon, family medicine and integrative medicine specialist at Mayo Clinic's campus in Jacksonville, Florida, shares more about integrative medicine. Specifically, Dr. Ardon talks about how integrative medicine complements conventional care; the history of integrative modalities; and, how integrative medicine addresses whole person care.

Chronic Pain, Heroin and the US Epidemic of Opioid Abuse
UCLA Health
UCLA Health physician Keith Heinzerling, MD, talks about chronic pain, heroin and the US epidemic of opioid abuse.

CBT for Pain
Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT)
Sarah Berger, PhD explains how CBT can be used to help manage chronic pain.