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It is the mission of the West Alabama Mental Health to provide effective and efficient mental health services to individuals meeting eligibility requirements based on ability to pay. The organization is committed to continually improve the quality of care and services provided to consumers. West Alabama Mental Health will collaborate with stakeholders to ensure mutual accountability for resource stewardship and system effectiveness. The organization will operate locally responsive programs to meet the needs of the community and promote the development of innovative programs in traditional and non-traditional settings when resources are available.


West Alabama Mental Health’s vision is to provide responsive and accessible services in Choctaw, Greene, Hale, Marengo, and Sumter Counties. Vital to our vision is a commitment to recovery-oriented, consumer-centered care. To ensure this vision of care, WAMH will find ways to flex services and utilize community resources to promote consumer access to necessary and beneficial services. The development of services will emphasize community-based settings to support care within the community and decrease the necessity for institutional care. Care of consumers will be provided in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible emphasizing a seamless system of care for the consumer. To ensure that consumers in need secure appropriate services, WAMHC will operate efficiently, using the creativity of staff, to retain and reinvest revenue to support organization and system improvement.

•    Services will be provided in an ethical and responsible manner with a focus on the dignity and rights of the individual.
•    Ensure a continuum of basis programs and services.
•    Expand programs and services when the resources and need have been identified.
•    Use resources efficiently and effectively in providing services.
•    Provide services to individuals who are eligible for needed services.
•    Serve as an advocate for the rights of those individuals served.
•    Provide needed services to individuals in the least restrictive environment.
•    Provide needed services at an affordable rate and ability to pay.
•    Work, cooperate, and plan with other community agencies and providers.
•    Promote and utilize input from stakeholders.

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