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Mental Illness Service Program

Adult Outpatient
Therapeutic services provided in an outpatient setting to adult individuals within the M-10 catchment area (Hale, Sumter, Choctaw, Greene, and Marengo counties) by mental health clinicians that are assigned to each of the counties. It is the responsibility of staff within each county to provide mental health services to adults who seek the services of the mental health center, as well as individuals who were formerly institutionalized. Within each county, clinicians are expected to provide individual counseling, consultation and education services to the general public, and referral services to other mental health providers when appropriate. Additionally, clinicians may provide diagnostic services to consumers as long as such services fall within their area of training and expertise.

Springhill Home is a ten (10) bed adult residential care home with specialized behavioral services. Our mission is to transition individuals with psychiatric disorder(s) (classified as Axis I diagnosis by the current American Psychological Manual of Mental Disorders), from the hospital back to the community and/or avert homelessness and hospitalization. Springhill Home provides residential behavioral treatment and support to individuals identified as being in need of residential care in a specialized behavioral training setting. Individuals determined to be residents of the state of Alabama and meet the admission criteria for specialized behavioral placement.

Rehabilitative Day Program
The Rehabilitative Day Program is a distinct program that provides long term recovery services with the goals of improving functioning, facilitating recovery, achieving and maintain personal life goals, regaining and enhancing self-worth, optimizing illness management and assisting consumers and families to lead productive lives as a vital part of the community. The Rehabilitative Day program will serve as a social support system within the community setting.

Emergency Services
The Emergency Services is a program of the outpatient services of West Alabama Health Services (WAMHC). It is a mandated service of the Alabama Department of Mental Health and is designed to provide crisis intervention services to all center consumers and residents of the M-10 catchment area. This program is structured to provide emergency services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in order to meet the demands of individuals in need of crisis intervention. These services may be accessed through each of the five county clinics, Greene, Hale, Marengo, Sumter, and Choctaw, during normal working hours, or through a crisis telephone line 1-800-239-2901.

Child & Adolescent Program
Individual, Family and Group Counseling; Consultation;  Psychiatric Assessment; Mobile Access for Children’s Services (MACS); and Case Management

Mobile Access for Children’s Services (MACS)
MACS serves children and adolescents ranging in age from five to seventeen. Individuals must meet Admission Criteria and reside in Choctaw, Greene, Hale, Marengo or Sumter Counties. Mobile Access for Children’s Services targets individuals enrolled in school. Referrals may come from the parents of the target child / adolescent, teachers, or other community agencies.  The child’s parent(s) or legal guardian may request treatment (if the target individual is under the age of fourteen (14), and may include family participation in the therapeutic process.

Substance Use Service Program

The Outpatient Substance Use Program (SUP) at West Alabama Mental Health Center is designed to serve clients who are suffering from substance abuse/addiction as they remain in the community.  These services are available to all residents of the M-10 Catchment area who meet admission criteria established for the programs.
The mission of the West Alabama Mental Health Center’s Outpatient Substance Use Program is to assist individuals in confronting their addiction and developing a plan  for a drug-free lifestyle. The Outpatient Substance Use Program will accomplish this goal through Substance Use Outpatient Counseling (OP) and a system of referral and linkage to needed services outside the scope of WAMHC.

The program gives preference in admission to individuals with substance use disorders in the following priority.
1.    Individuals who are pregnant and have intravenous substance use disorders.
2.    Individuals who are pregnant and have substance use disorders.
3.    Individuals who have intravenous use disorders.
4.    Women with dependent children.
5.    Individuals who are HIV positive.
6.    All others with substance use disorders.
Pregnant women receive preference for admission to program services. 
Services Provided are designed to meet each consumer's needs and goals to include, as needed:
•    Individual therapy
•    Group therapy
•    Assessment
•    On-going monitoring
•    Family therapy, as appropriate
•    Referrals to inpatient treatment, as needed

The West Alabama Mental Health Center (WAMHC) Prevention Program provides Prevention-based programming to both adults and children in the M-10 Catchment area.  Participants must be identified as high risk for substance abuse, violence, child abuse/neglect, or HIV/AIDS but not currently in treatment.  The program also targets high-risk families and attempts to involve communities in an effort to create a complete Prevention package.  Target populations are identified through referral by different agencies and/or organizations as well as through Needs Assessment Surveys developed and administered by Prevention staff.

Intellectual Disabilities Service Program

Day Programs
The Intellectual Disabilities Services Program of the West Alabama Mental Health Board, Inc. provides a planned and systematic sequence of person-centered habilitation activities and activity projects. Based on needs identified by annual comprehensive functional assessments, we provide the development and/or maintaince of skills in performing activities of daily living including, but not limited to, self-help, motor and communication skills; enhancment of emotional, personal, and social development, and providing experiences to facilitate movement to other component programs of the service delivery system.
Hourly Services
Provide care, supervision, and skills training in activities of daily living (ADL), home management and community integration.  Services are provided to consumers in their own homes, but not in group homes or other residential facilities.  Services may also be provided in the community to promote opportunities for inclusion, socialization, and recreation. 

Support Services

Case Management
Case management services support the efforts of individuals and enable them to meet identified needs and maintain his / her adjustment in the community through outreach. Services are designed to link consumers with the necessary community support system when the consumer is unable to do so independently; therefore improving the consumer’s chances of recovery and successful integration into the community. Case management services are available to consumers of Marengo, Greene, Sumter, Choctaw and Hale counties who are defined as either seriously mentally ill, seriously emotionally disturbed, intellectually disabled or developmentally disabled.

Supported Employment
Supported employment services consist of paid employment for persons for whom competitive employment at or above the minimum wage is unlikely, and who, because of their disabilities, need intensive ongoing support to perform in a work setting. Supported employment is conducted in a variety of settings, particularly work sites in which persons without disabilities are employed.

Court Referral Program
The Court Referral Program’s mission is to reduce crimes committed by offenders under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and / or domestic violence crimes.  The program offers participants educational information, through formal programming, designed to create positive changes in their behavior. All participants have criminal charges or pending criminal charges and have been ordered to attend by a court of competent jurisdiction. West Alabama Mental Health Center provides services to court-ordered defendants in Sumter, Marengo, Hale, and Greene Counties.

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